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The Town of Tyngsborough is located in the Northwest section of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Composed of 17.86 square miles of land and surface water, Tyngsborough borders the city of Lowell, the towns of Chelmsford, Dracut, Groton and Dunstable, as well as the State of New Hampshire communities of Hudson, Pelham, and Nashua. Tyngsborough is 44 miles northwest (71 km) from Boston along the Route 3 corridor.

Known for its distinctive green bridge over the Merrimack River, Tyngsborough has a population of 12,380 (2020 census) and a growing business community.

Tyngsborough's History

Tyngsborough, was once part of the original Dunstable, Massachusetts Township initially settled in 1661 by Colonel Jonathan Tyng named in honor of his mother, Mrs. Edward Tyng, who emigrated from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, England. The Tyngs were among the early settlers of the land purchased from the Wamisit and Naticook tribes in 1661 for £20 sterling. This 200 square miles area covered most of current day towns that surround Tyngsborough including Nashua and Hollis, New Hampshire.

On February 23, 1809, Tyngsborough was incorporated as a town, breaking away from Dunstable. As the town grew, Tyngsborough became known for its ferries, quarries, and box companies.

Until the late 1960's, Tyngsborough was a vacation community with a large seasonal population. Since then, it has grown into a business-friendly community home to about 12,000 residents.

Tyngsborough Bridge Area

Tyngsborough's Farms

Tyngsborough has managed to support industry and businesses while maintaining its rural character. Here is a list of farms in Town.

  • Willowdale Farms
  • Fox Farm (447 Dunstable Road)
  • Bear Hill Farm (14 Davis Road)
  • Parlee Farms (95 Farwell Road - small petting zoo goats sheep and fowl, cows)
  • Lucitania Farms
  • Jasper Lane
  • Racco Farms
  • Frank Schneider (Horses)
  • Althea Avenue
  • Wentzell (2 Horses)
  • River Road
  • Dr. Karp (137 Westford Road) - Horses
  • Demauro - Horses

The Tyngsborough BridgeTyngsborough Bridge

Originally built in 1930, the Tyngsborough Bridge is a 656-foot-long 3-hinged steel trussed rib through arch style bridge that spans the Merrimack River.

A temporary span was built in 2006 so that the bridge could undergo structural improvements.

The Tyngsborough Bridge reopened in 2012, and the temporary span was removed later that year.

Open Space & Recreation

Tyngsborough has dozens of trails, parks and open space opportunities. Visit our Open Space and Recreation page for more information.

The Spelling

As with many cities and towns in the Commonwealth that end in "-ough," "Tyngsborough" is often shortened to "Tyngsboro" on road signs, in print, and on the web. Which spelling do you prefer when reading the name of our Town?

As for the pronunciation, it's "TINGZ-bur-oh."