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A message from Tyngsborough’s Veterans’ Agent Christopher Dery:

A Common problem that I address is V.A. overpayments. How can you avoid a V.A. overpayment? 

Here are some tips. 

1) Report any change in dependent status or life changing events. This would include marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or death of a dependent. 

2) Report any change in a dependent who is using educational benefits like dropping out of a class or school, graduating, if the school age child has married or any other change. 

In some cases the V.A. will waive overpayments or set up a payment plan that is within your financial means however, they investigate and have zero tolerance for intentional fraud. 

If you have questions or need assistance call me for any of your Veteran, Spousal, or dependent needs: (978) 649-2300 ext. 131