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Updates on Town Projects

Flint’s Corner MassWorks Project Information

The Town of Tyngsborough is pleased to announce that we received a $2.5 million MassWorks Infrastructure Grant to complete Flints Corner Transportation and Water Pump Station Improvements on Westford Rd. The project will help alleviate the serious traffic and congestion issues which affect vehicle and pedestrian safety and also allow for future economic development of the corridor.

Details of the project include widening of Westford Rd to include bike lanes from Old Stonehill Road to Dunstable Road and to accommodate a second northbound travel lane from Dunstable Road to the nearby Route 3 ramps. The Dunstable Road westbound approach will be widened to provide a bypass for vehicles turning right to access Route 3.

These upgrades will benefit the existing residents and businesses, and make possible a “Mixed-Use” project proposed by 150 Westford Road, LLC.  This development will include three 32-unit condominiums, a new 5,760 sq. ft. commercial building, and reconstruction of the Flints Corner Plaza and existing parking lot. The complete project will create pedestrian walkways to connect the Wyndbrook Senior Housing development, Tyngsborough Senior Center, and Tyngs Tarry Plaza to the amenities at Flints Corner Plaza and proposed public parks and gardens. The MassWorks grant will also support crucial water infrastructure upgrades necessary to complete the project.