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Current Projects

Public Safety Building Study Committee

The Board of Selectmen formally appointed members to the Public Safety Building Study Committee in early 2021.

The Committee is tasked with reviewing the Public Safety Building conceptual designs and cost estimates prepared by Tecton Architects. The Committee will review the operations and conditions of the existing Police and Fire Department facilities and analyze projected space needs based on population increases and operational increases for the next 30 years. You can learn more by visiting the PSBSC page on the Town’s website.


Camp Kiwanis Improvements Project

The Town of Tyngsborough is currently working to renovate the former Camp Kiwanis Girl Scout Camp on Long Pond using a mix of grant funds and money from the Community Preservation Fund. In October of 2020, the Board of Selectmen formally awarded the contract for the work which is slated to be complete by June of 2021. The work includes the construction of a new parking lot on Alden Street, installation of an ADA accessible trail that will lead from the parking lot to the shores of Long Pond, and the installation of benches and new signage along the property. This property is part of a larger parcel of open space that is home to a trail system that meanders through Dracut, Tyngsborough, Pelham NH, and Hudson NH along the banks of Long Pond. Learn more about other open space parcels by visiting the Town’s Open Space page here.

Lake Mascuppic Town Beach Project

This project includes the installation of an ADA compliant walkway, the replacement of existing beach sand, restoration of the existing grass area, the installation of an irrigation system, and the construction of a retaining wall to separate the beach from the grass area. This project is funded largely by Community Preservation funds approved by the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting as well as a small amount from the Recreation Committee’s revolving fund. The Town Beach is under the care and control of the Recreation Department.

The project is slated to be complete by early May 2021.

Littlefield Library Exterior Restoration Project

Utilizing grant funding from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and a match from the Community Preservation Committee, the Town of Tyngsborough is working to restore the exterior of the Littlefield Library. The project will include work to repair the exterior masonry work, repair the existing roof, and touch up the paint along the exterior of this historic building. A pre-construction meeting was held on Friday, March 26 and work is slated to commence in early April. As required by the grant, the work will be complete by the middle of June. Learn more about the Littlefield Library here.

First Parish Meeting House Steeple Repair

Renovations on the First Parish Meeting House were nearly complete in August of 2019 when lightning struck the steeple causing damage to the exterior and interior of the Bell Tower. The building was covered by insurance at the time of the strike and Town Meeting appropriated the insurance proceeds to fund the repair work. Following a competitive procurement, the project was awarded to the American Steeple and Tower Co. which has extensive history working on historical steeples like this. A pre-construction meeting will take place in early April and work will begin thereafter. The work will also include repairs to the bell cradle which houses an authentic Paul Revere Bell. When complete, the restoration of the First Parish Meeting House will be officially complete and the Recreation Department will begin renting the building out for public and private events.


Munis Conversion

In 2018, the Town of Tyngsborough was awarded $120,000 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the purchase of a new, fully-integrated financial software. The Town currently utilizes two different financial softwares, one for accounting and one for collections. This creates confusion, is highly inneficient, and requires extra steps for simple tasks. After an extensive review, the Town opted to purchase MUNIS which is a fully integrated financial platform that will manage our accounting, collections, human resources, and payroll systems. The benefits of an integrated system are great and MUNIS is widely used through municipalities in the Commonwealth.

The Town is currently importing historical data spanning back to FY16 and creating workflows for electronic approvals.  Within the next few weeks. end users will be using the training environment to familiarize themselves with the new process by mirroring vendor warrants in SoftRight and Munis.  The Go-Live date will correspond with the new fiscal year which begins on July 1.  Phase II is the HR/Payroll modules.  This is a similar process to AP as the initial step is to import/review employees of Tyngsborough then mirrored payrolls to gain comfort. Our Go-Live date for Phase II is January 1 to accommodate tax implications.  Phase III relates to tax collections. In the Spring of 2022, the Town will be testing Munis with the quarterly billings with the intention of going live for the start of fiscal year 23. When fully implemented, this platform will allow for easier access to commonly sought after information, and a smooth billing, accounting, and payroll process.


Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Rehabilitation Project

The Tyngsborough Sewer I/I Rehab Project includes rehabilitation of the existing sewer collection system in areas subject to Inflow & Infiltration that were identified in the 2020 I/I report and deemed cost-effective to repair. The sewer system improvements will address structural pipe failures and reduce I/I sources to the collection system. The rehabilitation includes the repair and replacement of manholes, CITS, lateral sealing, additional CCTV of gravity sewer main, and removal of asbestos cement pipe.  The areas needing repair were identified through the first two phases of the I/I Program, which included metering, smoke testing and flow isolation.   These results have identified areas in the sewer system that are receiving excessive flow.  The repairs to the infrastructure within the Town’s sewer system are to comply with Massachusetts DEP regulations in preventing Inflow and Infiltration

The Project is funded with monies made available from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan from the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust, and in compliance with EPA and Mass DEP/DMS provisions.  This loan will be repaid through the Tyngsborough Sewer Enterprise Fund.


Master Plan Development

The  Master Plan Committee has been working on the ten sections of the plan for the past 2 years, and throughout the pandemic. A compiled a draft of all chapters is available for online viewing and downloading on the Committee’s web page, or it can be downloaded directly using this link.  The Master Plan addresses important issues such as land use, housing, natural and cultural resource preservation, economic development, recreation, services and facilities, and traffic and infrastructure. The Master Plan Committee expects to finalize the plan with final edits on their May 26th meeting ahead of its presentation to the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen.

Components / Chapters of the plan include:
1. Introduction
2. Land Use & Zoning
3. Economic Development
4. Transportation
5. Housing
6. Open Space and Recreation
7. Natural & Cultural Resources
8. Climate Resilience
9. Facilities and Services
10. Implementation

Future Projects

2021 Roadway Improvement Project- Summer 2021

Each year, the Engineering Department puts together a comprehensive plan for roadway improvements. These projects are funded largely from Chapter 90 funding which is direct funding from the   Commonwealth to cities and towns for road projects. In the last four years, the Town of Tyngsborough has begun increasingly adding municipal dollars into the mix to increase the impact of these projects.

The most financially prudent approach to roadway management is to focus on strategies that stretch the Town’s available resources and provide the best overall benefit to the entire roadway network.  In   order to create an optimal treatment plan, industry standards recommend concentrating more of the funding towards performing preventative maintenance or minor rehabilitation than major roadway   reconstruction. This approach does not mean that roadways that are in poor condition are neglected. This strategy focuses on trying to maintain “good condition” roadways while repairing “poor condition”   roadways overtime as funding is available.

Last year, the Town focused its efforts on the Beverlee Road neighborhood which fell into the fair condition category. This year, the Town will focus on Jacques Road which is a seriously poor condition roadway. If funding allows, the Town will also pave Roberge and Bishop Drive which are located in that neighborhood and are falling into disrepair. The Town anticipates spending nearly $1 million on this project, nearly half of which is funded by local money. The local funds include nearly $300,000 from the revenue the Town receives from Marijuana Excise Taxes. Town Meeting previously allocated 75% of that funding be reserved for spending only on roads projects. This will dramatically increase the impact of our annual projects.

The Project will go out to bid in June and construction will start in July. Residents of the impacted neighborhood will receive direct correspondence from the Town outlining these plans.

Veteran’s Grave Markers Revitalization- Summer 2021

The Tyngsborough Veterans Services in conjunction with Town Administration is currently looking at cataloging, replacing, and refurbishing the Town’s Revolutionary and Civil War gravesites and markers.

The Town of Tyngsborough has deep roots in the history of this country. This initiative will help preserve that history for future generations to appreciate.

At this time, the Town is actively exploring grants to assist in this effort and potential assistance from the Veterans Administration. This project would aim to replace or repair Veteran markers, install new markers, clean, and if necessary, re-set the headstones.

Recently Completed Projects

ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan- Completed March 2021

In 2020, the Commission on Disability was awarded a $30,000 grant from the Massachusetts Office on Disability to conduct a Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan for the Town. This included a comprehensive review of all municipal policies, programs, and procedures to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disability Act and enhanced accessibility. It also included a physical assessment of all municipal facilities including schools to identify barriers to accessibility. This project was accomplished with the help of a well-respected leader in the world of accessibility design and review. The final plan was available to the public for over two weeks for public comment and feedback and was reviewed during a public hearing of the Commission on Disability on March 8, 2021. The document was formally adopted by the Board of Selectmen later that evening. Learn more about the Self-Evaluation & Transition here. 


Phase II Sewer Construction Project- Completed February 2021

The Phase 2 Sewer Project was approved at Annual Town Meeting on May 15, 2018. The Phase 2 Sewer Project brought municipal sewer to approximately 64 parcels concentrated in the Town’s largest expanse of commercial/industrial zoned area along northern Middlesex Road to the New Hampshire border.  The project included approximately 5,400 linear feet of new sewer; 2,300 linear feet of new water main, 12,200 linear feet of new force main, 2 wastewater pumping stations, and a force main crossing of the Tyngsborough Bridge (south side of sidewalk), within portions of Northern Middlesex Road, Sherburne Avenue/ Tyngsborough Bridge, Parker Lane, Curtis Road, Curtis Hill Road, Lawndale Road, Park Road, Coburn Road, and Maplewood Avenue. The project reached completion in February of 2021. Visit the Sewer Phase II page to learn more.



Old Town Hall Park Project-

This spring, using funds from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s  Shared Streets and Spaces Program through the Department of Transportation, the Town of Tyngsborough began an extensive revamp of the park that sits between the Old Town Hall and First Parish Meeting House. 
This park can be used by residents and groups renting the Old Town Hall and by the general public for safe outdoor gatherings. It is connected by a footbridge to the First Parish Meeting House site which was also renovated this year.
Thank you to the Commonwealth for this grant and to the Engineering Department for designing and executing this fantastic addition to our Town Center.