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Open Town Meeting is the form of democratic governing practiced in Tyngsborough, used for over 250 years. Special Town Meetings occur throughout the year when deemed necessary. Any registered voter may participate in Town Meeting. You can check your voter registration status by clicking here.

Unlike an election, there are no alternative voting methods for Town Meeting. Attendance must be in person. Due to the nature of the meeting, and the possibility of amendments on Town Meeting floor, there is no absentee or early voting for Town Meeting. While all Town Meetings are recorded and broadcast live, there are no virtual participation methods available.

State law requires that municipalities host at least one meeting, Annual Town Meeting, each Spring. This meeting is the primary business meeting for municipalities. This is where the Annual Town Budget is approved, thus funding government operations for the following fiscal year. Tyngsborough typically also hosts a Town Meeting each Fall or early winter. The Select Board may call a Special Town Meeting at any time and residents may call a Special Town Meeting through a citizen’s petition.

The Town Meeting is moderated by the Town Moderator who is elected by the Town for a term of 3 years. The Moderator is currently Robert L. Kydd, Jr. whose term expires in 2026.

You can watch Town Meetings on Verizon channel 29 and Comcast channel 8 as well as stream it live here.

2024 Annual Town Meeting will take place at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at Tyngsborough Elementary School.



October 24, 2023 Fall Town Meeting

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