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Televisions are banned from trash collection and will not be picked up with household trash. If your television is still in working order, you can donate it to Lowell Wish. For a small fee, save for hazardous waste collection day (Notification of the date will be announced in Neighbor-to-Neighbor, on the events page and on Tyngsborough Municipal Channel).

Call Republic Services at 978-649-7564 to arrange pickup for a fee.

Best Buy (Nashua) accepts the following for a $25 fee per item:

  • Tube TVs smaller than 32″
  • Flat-panel TVs: LCD, plasma, LED smaller than 50″
  • Portable TVs

Limit two TVs per household per day. There are no store drop-off fees in California. Stores in Connecticut and Pennsylvania do not accept TVs for drop-off.