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Cell Phones

Tens of millions of cellular telephones are put in boxes every year and are never used again. Not only are phones are useful, but they also contain toxic materials. They should be recycled.

Donate a Phone:

Call to Protect Aids in the fight against domestic violence. Wireless phones are reprogrammed with emergency phone numbers and redistributed free of charge to victims in need. Local drop off locations are:

  • Hudson NH, WAL-MART
  • THE BODY SHOPPE in Pheasant Lane Mall

You can also mail the phone (battery & charger accepted) to:

c/o Motorola
1580 E. Ellsworth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Or log on to for a complete list of local drop off locations.  When purchasing a new phone your new cell phone provider should have a recycling receptacle for your old phone.