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Tyngsborough Police Chief Richard Howe is pleased to announce that the Tyngsborough Police Department has collaborated with the Tyngsborough/Dunstable Rotary in an initiative to bring the SafetyNet Program to Tyngsborough. SafetyNet is a radio frequency tracking system designed to help police officers locate residents with cognitive impairments such as autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. Individuals with these impairments wear a transponder that connects to the SafetyNet system in an officer’s vehicle. If a resident is missing, police can locate them and assist the individual to ensure their safety. Officers will undergo training to become comfortable and capable users of the SafetyNet System before implementation. In addition to the use of the equipment, officers will be able to access helpful and important user information that can be critical in search and rescue operations.

The Tyngsborough/Dunstable Rotary has raised approximately $6000 to support this initiative. They will be donating this money to the Police Department donation account to be used solely for this program. The Department has also applied for a grant through the Department of Justice to support this program. That grant announcement would be made sometime this fall.

Additionally, Chief Howe announced the Tyngsborough Home Safe Registry. The registry will include any information that the families or caregivers of these individuals wish to provide. Eligible residents for this program include the residents eligible for SafetyNet as well as members of our aging population. This may include pertinent medical information, a recent photo, emergency contact information, useful phrases or names, and much more. When the Tyngsborough Police or Fire Departments are called to assist a resident on the registry, they will have this information at the ready to provide the best emergency response they can.

While these two programs are part of the same initiative, residents may choose to be a part of one program or both. If signing up for the SafetyNet program, eligible residents will receive a free loaner bracelet for as long as they wish to be in the program. Information added to the Home Safe Registry can be updated by the family or caregiver as needed.

Residents or caregivers of eligible participants can sign up for the program using the link below. The information provided will only be accessed by the Tyngsborough Police Department and the Tyngsborough Fire Department as needed and is completely confidential.