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The Tyngsborough Elementary School Driveway will be under construction for the next few weeks. A longstanding culvert repair project will begin on Thursday, September 12th, 2019 and will conclude by October 3rd, 2019. To facilitate this project, the traffic pattern at TES needs to be modified. Working with the Tyngsborough Police Department, Tyngsborough Highway Department, Dee Bus, and TES administration, we have developed a plan that creates as little disruption as possible to our normal school drop off and dismissal practices, and enables the construction crew to work as efficiently as possible.

Beginning Thursday, September 12th, the TES driveway from Westford Road will be ENTRANCE ONLY and the Access Road to Diamond will be EXIT ONLY twenty-four hours a day, through completion of the project. Additionally, due to a lack of sidewalk, the Access Road will be closed to pedestrian traffic until completion of the project.

Working with our Town Departments, we will ensure that proper staffing and signage is available as parent’s transition to the new traffic pattern. For your review, we have attached maps that outline ARRIVAL, MID-DAY and DISMISSAL procedures for TES. Thank you in advance for your flexibility as we tackle this much-needed project.

Dismissal Map

Mid-day Map

Arrival Map