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The Town of Tyngsborough has been conducting a sewer system evaluation that identifies sources of extraneous groundwater and stormwater in the sewer system. The results of this program will be used to eliminate these extraneous sources of water and, therefore, reduce overall treatment and conveyance costs. One of the items associated with this program is inspection of buildings in areas where the measured amounts of extraneous water in the sewer system was found to be more than acceptable. If you reside on one of the streets listed, your home/building is on the list for inspection. The objective of the inspection program is to verify sanitary sewer service connections, roof leader and downspout configuration and connections, and identify sump pump connections to the Town’s sewer and drain systems.

The Town of Tyngsborough has contracted Flow Assessment Services to conduct the building inspection program. The inspection will consist of two to three Flow Assessment Services employees and a Town Representative that will visit your home/building to inspect the exterior and the interior (typically just the basement) of your home/building. The inspection team will be evaluating the building’s roof drain and downspout disposition as well as configuration and discharge points of sanitary receptacles. Inspections will be conducted Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to dusk and will take approximately 30 minutes. If necessary, the inspection team will make arrangements for after hours and Saturday inspections. Members of the inspection team will be sensitive to your privacy and will be as non-disruptive as possible. All building inspection personnel will be carrying and prominently display project identification badges.

Building inspections will commence in September 2019 and continue through the next three to four weeks.

Below is a map of areas where homes will be inspected, and here is a complete list of streets included in the house inspections.

Sewer I&I Home Inspections

Please contact Flow Assessment Services at 1-888-311-9799 should you have any questions or concerns. Additional contact information:

Flow Assessment Services | 72 Priscilla Ln. | Auburn, NH 03032 | Phone: 603-656-9799 |