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Flints Corner Update

The permanent lane striping has been scheduled for Friday and Monday. The subcontractor will start with the intersection areas Friday and finish the main roads on Monday. This will ensure the intersection areas are done prior to the upcoming weekend. Some drainage improvements to permanently fix pooling water is still being addressed but the remainder of the project is near completion. This $2.5 Million roadway improvement was funded through the State’s MassWorks grant program. A photo of the new intersection can be viewed here.

Kendall/Winslow Rd Update

At the following link, please find photos of the new crosswalks being installed this week on Kendall Rd across from the Old Town Hall. The photos show a highly durable crosswalk design process which involves heating the asphalt and stamping a reflective brick pattern directly into the roadway surface. The new grass is starting to take along Winslow Rd. Thank you to the Highway Department for keeping up with the watering and seeding during the recent hot weather we have been experiencing. This $600k roadway improvement was predominantly funded through a $400k grant from the State’s Complete Streets program.