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Community Housing Inc., a Community Teamwork organization, is managing the resale of an affordable housing unit: 16 Merrimac Way # E Merrimac Landing,
here in Tyngsboro. Please share this notice with any interested individuals so we can ensure that this unit remains on the town’s Subsidized Housing Inventory.
This unit is offered to qualified buyers at $202,950 Please see the Resale Application 16 Merrimac Way # E for more information.
Eligibility Criteria:
 Household cannot exceed the annual income of:
o 1 Person – $62,600 2 Person – $71,550 3 Person – $80,500 4 Person – $89,400
 Household cannot have more than $75,000 in assets.
 Applicants must be first-time homebuyers (have not owned a home in last 3 years)
Some exceptions apply, see cover page