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Lowell General Hospital Executive Vice President and COO Amy J. Hoey, RN and Director of Infection Prevention and Occupation Health Michelle Hanley, RN released the following announcement this morning regarding the Lowell General Vaccination Program:

“To our valued community partners,

Together, we have made great strides in vaccinating our community and putting the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. To date, Lowell General Hospital’s Mass Vaccination Program has administered more than 140,000 doses of the vaccine, including thousands to members of our community who faced barriers to accessing an appointment.

As demand for a large-scale mass vaccination program diminishes locally, we want to update you on plans for the program’s future to ensure that we can continue to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to those who need and want it as part of our routine hospital operations.

In the coming weeks, we will be transitioning COVID-19 vaccinations to our Chest and Immunization Center located on the fourth floor of the Lowell General Hospital Saints campus. Our Chest and Immunization team is highly skilled in providing vaccinations of many types as part of its daily work. And many of the team members have provided vital support at the MVP over the course of the past several months, which will allow them to bring our best practices to their center moving forward. We are working through the transition process with the Chest and Immunization Center team and the MVP team leads to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Our last day of operations at the MVP site will be Tuesday, June 15, 2021. All scheduled appointments that day will take place during the morning hours.
  • We will begin providing the COVID-19 vaccine at the Chest and Immunization Center on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.
  • Any patients who receive their first dose of the vaccine at the MVP site between June 1-June 15 will be notified that they will be getting their second dose at the Saints campus.

To schedule an appointment, we encourage members of the community to continue to visit and click the SCHEDULE MY APPOINTMENT button. PLEASE NOTE: In the coming weeks, we will be migrating our system to our Central Scheduling telephone line, and patients will need to call the telephone number provided to schedule. That change will be reflected on once the transition is complete.

At Circle Health, our organization is committed to equitable distribution of the vaccine, and we will continue to work closely with all of you to protect our community. Your partnership is vital to this work, and we will continue to keep you informed of our plans moving forward.

Thank you for your help in this incredible effort. We continue to be inspired by the way this community comes together when our residents need us most.”