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Interested in serving on a Board or Committee? The following Board and Committee seats are open:

Board/Committee Number of Seats Open Term
Agricultural Commission 1 3 Years
Conservation Commission 1 3 Years
Conservation Commission, Associate 1 3 Years
Council on Aging 3 3 Years
Surveyor of Wood, Bark, and Lumber 1 1 Year
Recreation and Parks Committee 1 3 Years
Recreation and Parks Committee 1 2 Years
Recreation and Parks Committee 1 1 Year
Town Education Fund Committee 2 1 Years
Zoning Board of Appeals, Alternate 1 3 Years

Additionally, the Commission on Disability is seeking a volunteer to serve as the Chapter Leader for a possible Neighborhood Brigade Group in Tyngsborough. This group would help residents in need be matched with residents who are able to volunteer with every day tasks like mowing a lawn, shoveling snow, household chores, and more! The Chapter Leader is a volunteer position responsible for maintaining communication between the local chapter & the Neighborhood Brigade Organization. The time commitment is minimal & the ability to impact someone’s life is great!

To apply, please submit a letter of interest to Colin Loiselle in Town Administration through mail to Town Hall, 25 Bryant Lane, Tyngsborough, MA 01879 or via email to [email protected]. If you have any additional questions, contact Colin Loiselle at 978-649-2300 ext. 155.