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On Saturday, May 29, 2021, all remaining industry specific standards and most COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted in the Commonwealth. This includes the mask-mandate. Governor Baker has announced that the mask mandate will be replaced with the CDC Guidance that all non-vaccinated individuals continue to wear a face covering at all times when out in public. Masks will continue to be required by all person on public transit, in schools, and in health care settings.

Over the course of the last 15 months, the Town has followed all state mandates and industry specific standards closely. We immediately deployed plexiglass barriers upon re-opening town hall, have provided face masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products to all staff and residents entering public buildings, and worked diligently to ensure social distancing was possible in all settings. Our staff have been on the front lines ensuring that residents get the service they need in the safest manner possible, and for that we thank them. We also thank all of our local businesses who have done their part to ensure the safety of our community and have sacrificed much over the course of the last year. Finally, we thank our residents who have cooperated, got tested, and taken the necessary precautions to protect the health and wellness of our community.

I wanted to quickly highlight how the changes this weekend will impact municipal operations. As always, remember that individuals should make decisions that they are comfortable with. If you wish to continue to wear a face covering, please do so. Masks will continue to be available in all public buildings. We will continue to provide cleaning products and hand sanitizer in all areas of public buildings, and will continue to encourage distancing when possible.

Effective Saturday, May 29, employees and members of the public will no longer be required to wear a face covering in any of our buildings. Individuals should continue to wash their hands regularly, and stay home when sick. All public facing areas will continue to be separated by plexiglass and we will continue to highlight ways to conduct business with Town Hall remotely which has proven to be a huge success.

With the meeting of the Planning Board on June 3, we will have officially returned to complete in-person meetings for all of our Boards and Committees. While limited meetings may occur from time time remotely, this will be a last resort option only. Public meetings will continue to be set up in a manner that allows for adequate social distancing.

Pre-Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting will take place in person. Pre-Town Meeting will take place at the Old Town Hall and the Annual Town Meeting will take place outside at Tyngsborough High School in the same manner it happened last year.

Learn more about the Commonwealth’s Response to the COVID-19 pandemic and about getting vaccinated by visiting