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Following a Town Meeting vote to not purchase the Tyngsborough Country Club, the owners of the golf course and a developer working with the owners approached the Board of Selectmen with their plans for a 100 unit development on the property. The units would be age restricted housing and the development would feature a donation of 32 acres of land to the Town to be kept as open space. The developers presented their plans at the Board of Selectmen meeting on January 27, 2020 and a video of that presentation is available under the Video on Demand portion of our website. The land is currently under Chapter 61B and the Town has the Right of First Refusal on said property. The Developers have asked that the Board of Selectmen waive that right subject to the successful negotiation of a Development Agreement that would protect both the interest of the Town and the Developer. The Town’s “Right to First Refusal” period allows the Town to attempt to purchase the land at the appraised value. If the owners do not agree with the appraised value, they have the right to rescind their letter of intent to convert the property. If the Board of Selectmen waives its Right of First Refusal, it would allow the developer to move forward with the permitting process. The Development would require a Special Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

To keep residents informed about this request we have added all relevant documents to the Town Administration page on the website. That can be found by clicking here.

We have also put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions which represents the questions raised by members of the public during the multiple public meetings held on this topic. It will be updated as more questions are presented.