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The Conservation Department and Tyngsborough Trail Stewards have begun to map the Town Trails! We hope this will help you get out and enjoy the outdoors, while still maintaining social distancing.

Tyngsborough Trails online Maps

Getting out on the trails can be a great way to clear your mind, reduce stress, and enjoy spring. Mindful of Massachusetts’ stay-at-home order and with a focus on our collective health and well-being, we encourage you to stay local and proceed with care and caution when you head outdoors. At the current time, local space and trails remain open, and we have recently created online maps of the trails to enhance trail safety.  Trail maps are interactive through the AllTrails Program. Click HERE or download the AllTrails app to access the maps.

Current trail maps include:

If you choose to use the trails you must continue to follow social distancing guidelines. If the Town learns that social distancing guidelines are not being followed, then the town reserves the right to shut down the trails until the state of emergency has lifted. All residents must follow the Governor’s directives to stay at home and follow social distancing guidelines.  

Residents should also follow the guidance below from the Mass Land Trust. Many popular reservations are closed at this time, while others have experienced a surge of visitors that can make it challenging to maintain appropriate social distance. If you find a conservation area crowded when you arrive, consider visiting another area or returning at a less busy time. Some practical trail etiquette includes for downhill hikers to step as far off the trail as they safely can to yield to those going uphill. For the time being, it would also be helpful for all users of loop trails to proceed in a clockwise direction to reduce interactions.

Be safe, be considerate of others, and we’ll see each other on the trails soon enough!