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At a public meeting of the Board of Selectmen on Monday April 11, 2022, Town Engineer Jacob Zwicker presented a Road Maintenance Capital Plan to the Board. This plan seeks to maximize the overall impact to Tyngsborough’s roads with a mix of state funding and local dollars. Over the last five years, the Town of Tyngsborough has become increasingly creative with funding measures to supplement the limited funding it receives from the Commonwealth for road maintenance. For instance, in FY22 Tyngsborough received roughly $400,000 in Chapter 90 Funding from the state and supplemented that funding with roughly $600k of local funding through a mix of sources to create a $1,000,000 road improvement project. Cities and Towns can no longer simply rely on Chapter 90 funding and these funding issues require creative solutions such as those that Tyngsborough has deployed.

Part of Tyngsborough’s road maintenance plan focuses heavily on maintenance while periodically addressing streets whose conditions are so bad that they require full-depth reclamations. This allows the Town to spread the limited funding out to more miles of roadway in order to prevent more roads from entering the failed, or failing category. It also allows us to appropriately address those failed roads over time. A full copy of the roads presentation can be found here.

An analysis of Tyngsborough roads showed that by funding roadway improvements of roughly $1.3 million, the Town of Tyngsborough will maintain its current average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 72. By increasing the budget to $1.9 million annually, Tyngsborough could increase its PCI to 77. The proposed budget for FY2023 is $1,000,000.