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Each year, the Engineering Department puts together a comprehensive plan for roadway improvements. These projects are funded largely from Chapter 90 funding which is direct funding from the Commonwealth to cities and towns for road projects. Over the last four years, the Town of Tyngsborough has begun increasingly adding municipal dollars into the mix to increase the impact of these projects.

The most financially prudent approach to roadway management is to focus on strategies that stretch the Town’s available resources and provide the best overall benefit to the entire roadway network. In order to create

an optimal treatment plan, industry standards recommend concentrating more of the funding towards performing preventative maintenance or minor rehabilitation than major roadway reconstruction. This approach does not mean that roadways that are in poor condition are neglected. This strategy focuses on trying to maintain “good condition” roadways while repairing “poor condition” roadways overtime as funding is available.

Last year, the Town focused its efforts on the Beverlee Road neighborhood which fell into the fair condition category. This year, the Town will focus on Jacques Road which is a seriously poor condition roadway. If funding allows, the Town will also pave Roberge and Bishop Drive which are located in that neighborhood and are falling into disrepair. The Town anticipates spending nearly $1 million on this project, nearly half of which is funded by local money. The local funds include nearly $300,000 from the revenue the Town receives from Marijuana Excise Taxes. Town Meeting previously allocated 75% of that funding be reserved for spending only onĀ roads projects. This will dramatically increase the impact of our annual projects.

The project will go out to bid in June and construction will start in July. Residents of the impacted neighborhood will receive direct correspondence from the Town outlining these plans.