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Stormwater pollution is the fastest growing type of water pollution in the state. Any natural or man-made contamination, such as dumped leaves and grass, dog waste or lawn fertilizers, that finds its way into our natural water sources (i.e. streams, ponds, rivers, groundwater) is stormwater pollution. Everyone can do their part to reduce pollutants for clean water and a healthier environment. Right now is a good time to think about what you can do with your landscaping to help improve ecosystems, environmental practices, and reduce stormwater runoff from your yard. Consider speaking with your landscape company about their lawncare practices that can make your yard more environmentally-friendly. 

  • Consider planting native groundcover plants or grass alternatives, rather than maintaining grass lawns
  • Use grass clippings and mulched leaves to naturally fertilize lawns and garden beds
  • adjust mower blades to 2″ – 3″ tall and keep the blades sharp
  • don’t mow wet grass
  • If you have to water, water once a week and no more than 1″
  • Pick up dog waste and properly dispose of it

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