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At their meeting on February 6, 2023, the Select Board voted to open the May 2, 2023 Annual Town Meeting Warrant. Additionally, they voted to set a deadline of March 23, 2023 for residents to submit citizen’s petitions to the Town Clerks Office.

Residents may utilize a citizen’s petition to place articles on the Town Meeting Warrant. To do so, residents must provide a copy of the article language they want submitted & the signatures of no less than 10 registered voters in Tyngsborough including their full name & street address. Those shall be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office and if all signatures are verified, will be sent to the Select Board to be added to the warrant. Articles submitted via this method are not presented by the Select Board and individuals submitting the articles should be prepared to present and explain their request on Town Meeting floor.

Any citizens petition received after 4:00 PM on March 23, 2023 will be rejected as untimely.

Learn more about town meeting by visiting the Town Meeting page of our website here.