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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

For Immediate Release

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Announces New Mask Guidance; Town of Tyngsborough follows suit.

Tyngsborough, Massachusetts– In a press release yesterday, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced new guidance as it relates to the wearing of face coverings. The announcement cites high vaccination rates across the Commonwealth as well as positive trends in key COVID-19 indicators such as hospitalizations. The new guidance advises residents who are fully vaccinated to continue to wear a face covering when indoors if they are at an increased risk for severe disease because of age or underlying medical condition, or if someone in their household has a weakened immune system, is unvaccinated, or at increased risk for severe disease. Unvaccinated residents should continue to wear a face covering at all times when indoors and not in their own home.

Based on that new guidance, Town Administrator Matthew Hanson announced today that Town staff will no longer be required to wear a face covering at Town Hall and that the mask mandate at the Council on Aging will be lifted, though face coverings are still advised for individuals described above. These changes will go into effect immediately.

The mask mandate in the Tyngsborough Public Library will remain in effect until otherwise repealed or amended by the Tyngsborough Public Library Board of Trustees.This announcement does not apply to any setting that is subject to other Federal or State requirements for masking including public transportation and health care settings.

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Contact:  Colin Loiselle, Assistant Town Administrator

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