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The Town of Tyngsborough was notified yesterday that Lowell General Hospital has now opened their Cross River Vaccination Clinic up to eligible Tyngsborough residents. Residents ages 75 and older can register for an appointment. Residents interested can register for an appointment or have their questions answered by filling out the form below. Residents who are able to make an appointment for themselves using the online registration portal can do so by visiting Caretakers or relatives can complete the registration process for an eligible senior.

Children or caretakers of eligible residents may complete the contact form below for questions or assistance with making an appointment. The Council on Aging is also reaching out to residents who already contacted them regarding the vaccine to help them register for an appointment. Residents must make an appointment to get the vaccine. Please call the Tyngsborough Board of Health or the Council on Aging for more information.

Council on Aging: 978-649-9211  Board of Health: 978-649-2300 x118

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