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Tyngsborough Board of Selectmen Formally Changed to “Select Board”

Governor Charlie Baker signed Chapter 318 of the Acts of 2022 into law on December 28, 2022 formalizing the vote of Tyngsborough residents at the October 2021 Fall Town Meeting.

Tyngsborough- As of December 29, 2022, the Board of Selectmen in Tyngsborough will officially be referred to as the “Select Board” in line with the vote of Town Meeting on October 26, 2021 which overwhelmingly passed Article 4: An Act Changing the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Tyngsborough to a Select Board. The article was presented by the Board of Selectmen with the intent of changing their title to a gender neutral title that has been widely adopted by municipalities across the Commonwealth. Tyngsborough joins more than 60 communities who previously used the male-dominant term of “Selectman” in changing their title to be neutral regardless of gender. The article did not change the authority or role of the Select Board which still serves as the executive branch of government with town residents making up the “legislative branch”.

Article 4 was a home-rule petition which requires approval by the State Legislature and ultimately signature by the Governor. After spending the last year navigating between the House of Representatives and the State Senate, the final bill was enacted by the House last week and sent to the Governor’s desk for signature early this week. Read the signed bill here.

Article 6 of that same Town Meeting was a home-rule petition establishing the position of Town Manager in Tyngsborough. That was also approved by the legislature late last week and is awaiting signature of the Governor.



Contact: Colin F. Loiselle, Assistant Town Administrator

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