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Over the course of the Summer and into the Fall, the Sustainability Committee worked with the Board of Health and Town Administration to carry out a Recycling IQ program sponsored by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The program involved public outreach in the form of direct mailers, social media blitzes, an ad on the Route 3 billboard, and the replacement of informational stickers on the top of recycling toters. It also included weekly curbside inspection along certain routes to ensure that contaminated carts were cleaned up. This curbside program eventually transitioned into quite a bit of curbside conversations with residents about what and cannot be recycled. Additionally, Sustainability Committee members spent a considerable amount of time online answering questions from residents to help identify proper recycling habits. The program concluded later this fall and the Town recently submitted the Final Report to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. You can view the report in its entirety here.

As a result of this program, the Town saw a dramatic reduction in contamination, with a reduction of 61.5%! Prior to the launch of this program, the Town saw an average contamination rate of 14.8%. At the conclusion of the program, an audit conducted of the same sample size found that contamination had dropped to only 5.7%.

To learn more about proper recycling habits, visit the Town’s Trash and Recycling page here.