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Tyngsborough- At their meeting on Monday, October 5, 2020, the Board of Selectmen appointed 14 seniors to the 2021 Senior Tax Work Off Program. The Senior Tax Work Off Program is a hugely successful opportunity for qualifying seniors to volunteer in various Town departments in return for a $1000 credit on their property tax bill. Seniors are able to choose the department they are assigned to and work with their supervisor to identify projects that are both interesting to the participant and in need of completion for the department. Through this program, departments across Town government have been able to get major projects out of the way without diverting staff resources from their daily tasks. Participants have been assigned to the Council on Aging, Tyngsborough Public Library, Assessor’s Office, and various departments within our Inspectional Services Division. Projects include scanning old plans, reviewing and organizing meeting minutes and other files, assisting with book replacement and library operations, and so much more. The program allows the Town to leverage the skills and experience of our seniors, all while providing them with meaningful ways to stay involved in local government and giving them a well deserved credit on their property tax bill.

Every year, the Board of Assessors sets the cap on the number of participants for the year. This year, the Board of Assessors chose to stay with the 15 participant cap they set last year, which is an increase from previous years due to the high demand of the program. There remains one vacant position and interested applicants can still apply by contacting Director of Administrative Services Colin Loiselle at 978-649-2300 x155. This position will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.


Colin Loiselle, Director of Administrative Services

[email protected] | 978-649-2300 x155