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Last night, October 7, 2019, a transformer operated by National Grid came down on Parham Road near Sun City Convenience. The Tyngsborough Fire Department responded and notified the appropriate individuals with National Grid. National Grid took steps to secure the area and contain any potential spills. This afternoon, the Town was notified by a contractor working for National Grid that when they removed the transformer, they noticed that approximately 78 gallons of mineral oil had spilled from the cracked transformer. That oil made its way into nearby catch basins and ultimately into Lake Mascuppic.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is on scene and managing the clean up. Tyngsborough’s Conservation Office is aware of the situation and monitoring the progress. Booms have been deployed to contain further contamination and absorb existing contaminants in affected catch basins.

MassDEP has not issued a threat to public health notice but residents should avoid the lake until further notice as the cleanup and assessment are on going.