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Sewer Capacity Project

The Town of Tyngsborough Sewer Commission is currently pursuing grant funding for the purpose of the Tyngsborough MA Sewer Capacity Project. This project will study, identify and rehabilitate any areas of sewer infrastructure that are currently allowing inflow and infiltration into the system upstream of the sewer connection through Chelmsford. This project will remove clean water from the sewer system, which will maintain/increase the available capacity.  The area of Tyngsborough where this project is proposed, is to the west of the Tyngsborough bridge, where the Tyngsborough sewer flow is received by the Town of Chelmsford, prior to treatment at the Lowell Regional Wastewater (LRWWU) facility. Through identifying and rehabilitating any I/I areas, it will ensure Tyngsborough maintains sewer capacity to support housing, economic development, and ensure environmental benefits by allowing parcels with failed septic systems to have the availability to connect to municipal sewer. The Town has recently completed sewering of the Phase I area as recommended in the Town’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) which also discharges through this Chelmsford connection. The project will focus on the older aging sewers in this area.


The proposed project will serve several important purposes. The first is that it is a partial solution identified by the Town of Tyngsborough to support the Town’s sewer needs related to the LRWWU Duck Island Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) capacity limitations. In addressing the capacity limitations by identifying and removing Infiltration & Inflow, the project continues Tyngsborough’s pra tice of identifying and rehabilitating the town’s sewer system to remove extraneous water. Infiltration & Inflow (I/I) removal is mandated by MassDEP where the Town is now reserving funds to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability.

Sewer Capacity Project Map

Issues / Questions

For general questions regarding the Sewer Capacity Project, please contact Kathy Cayer, Sewer Administrator at (978) 743-5354.