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Adult Use of Marijuana Subcommittee (Inactive)

(Subcommittee of the Planning Board)

Relative to “An Act to Ensure Safe Access to Marijuana” (the “Act”), adopted as Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017, the Adult Use of marijuana Subcommittee will serve as a yoting subcommittee to the Planning Board. To the extent allowed by law, the subcommittee is cflarged with drafting bylaws and/or regulations to regulate the “time, place and manner” of marijuana establishment operations and impose reasonable”safeguards on the operation of marijuana establishments, provided they are not “unreasonably impracticable.”

The Subcommittee will consist of both voting members and advisory members.

Voting Members        Term
Chaz Doughty, Planning Board 2018
Kim O’Brien, Planning Board 2018
Robert Jackson, Board of Selectmen 2018
Joe Polin, ZBA 2018
Jonathan Reeney, Board of Health 2018
Sarah Rosen, Citizen Representative 2018
Mindy Michalek, Citizen Representative 2018


Advisory Members         Term
Chief Richard Howe, Police Dept. 2018
Dep. Chief Pat Sands, Fire Dept. 2018
Kerri Oun, Health Dept. 2018
Danielle Mucciarone, Planning 2018
Matt Hanson, Town Administrator 2018
Gary Browning, Citizen Representative 2018
Shaun Keegan, Citizen Representative 2018
Steve Berthiaume, Citizen Representative 2018

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Adult Use of Marijuana Subcommittee Minutes