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Open Space

The Conservation Commission

About the Commission:

Conservation Commissions are established under the provisions of the Massachusetts Conservation Commission Act (Mass. G.L. Ch. 40, Sec. 8C) for the “promotion and development of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources” of the Town. The range of duties and responsibilities is wide, however, the major areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Administer and enforce the Mass. Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L. Ch.131, Sec. 40) and its applicable Regulations (310 C.M.R 10.00) as well as the Tyngsborough Wetlands Protection By-Law (Article XXII of the General By-Laws) and its Regulations.
  • Work with the Recreation Commission to develop and maintain an Open Space and Recreation Plan for the Town.
  • Develop projects and programs to carry out the applicable goals of the Open Space and Recreation Plan, including preserving land by acquisition, protecting open space through Conservation Restrictions, publishing educational and informational materials (books, pamphlets, maps, plans) and implementing programs for the improvement and protection of the natural resources.
  • Manage the land under the control of the Conservation Commission.
  • Advise and work with other Town Boards, Committees and organizations on matters involving the natural resources and watershed resources.

The Commission consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for terms of 3 years each. The Board of Selectmen may also appoint associate members as they see fit. Associate members cannot vote.

Our staff is composed of one Conservation Director and one part-time Administrative Assistant.


NameTerm Expires
Ed Derby, Chair2021
Bruce Schofield2022
Jerry Earl2021
Ed Smith2021
Linda Bown2022
Chaz Doughty2023
Patrick Mical2021
Joseph Kablik, Associate2022

Conservation Commission Minutes

Conservation Commission Meeting Packets

Open Space Plan Documents

Department Staff

Danielle Mucciarone

Danielle Mucciarone

Conservation Director

Serving Tyngsborough since 2017.

Pamela Berman

Pamela Berman

Conservation/ Planning/ Zoning Clerk

Serving Tyngsborough since 2008.


Conservation Regulations

Beaver Resources

Conservation Commission Hearings

In March, 2020, the Town of Tyngsborough began holding remote public meetings in accordance with the Governor’s executive order relating to Open Meeting Law. Please visit the calendar page ( for more information and to see all scheduled public meetings. The list below includes the next few public hearing dates, but please understand that these meetings may transition to in-person hearings at some point. Visiting the official calendar page is the best way to ensure you have the correct information for your meeting.


Hearing Date & TimeMeeting Link
September 22, 2020 – 7pm
October 13, 2020 – 7pm
October 27, 2020 – 7pm