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Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is an ad-hoc group consisting of several department heads with a goal of ensuring the safest environment possible for employees and visitors to town buildings. Should you have a safety concern, feel free to reach out through the form below.

Safety Committee Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure adequate training for employees
  • Assess and improve building and facility safety, including signage
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and state safety laws and regulations
  • Create a culture that allows open communication to bring up security concerns
  • Analyze data of injuries and near-misses to see what can be improved
  • Provide resources and guidance for those wishing to improve safety
  • Work to reduce insurance costs by taking advantage of credits
  • Apply for grants to purchase equipment, services and training to improve safety 

About the Committee

The Safety Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month. Members include:

  • HR Director
  • Fire Chief
  • Police Chief
  • Assistant Town Administrator
  • Library Director
  • IT Director
  • Highway Foreman
  • School Supervisor of Building & Grounds
  • COA Director

Report a concern to the Safety Committee

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