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Real Estate Tax Exemptions are now available until April 1, 2024.

Applications are located under Assessors Documents below.

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Tyngsborough Property Assessment Data

The Assessors Department has teamed up with Patriot Properties to make assessment data available to the public. You can also come into our office to get a copy of your property record card.

The Assessors’ Office

The primary function of the Assessor’s Department is to value all Real Estate and Personal Property within the Town of Tyngsborough. The Department also administers all Motor Vehicle Excise Bills, Real Estate Exemptions, Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements. The Assessors Department has Chief Assessor and three Elected Assessors.

Fiscal Year 2023 Tax Rate: $14.14/1,000 of value

Real Estate Tax Abatement Applications must be filed with the Board of Assessors starting on January 1st and are due by February 1st.

There are several Real Estate Tax Exemptions available to residents based upon their income and asset qualifications, as well as exemptions for Disabled Veterans and Legally Blind residents.

Applications may be obtained yearly from the Assessor’s office or below under the Assessors Documents after July 1st and are due by April 1st.


Elected Board of Assessors:

Name Term Expires
Ann Marie G. Conant, Chair 2026
Marie Lambert, Vice Chair 2024
George Gaynor 2025

Term Length (years)


Department Staff

Lauren Woekel

Lauren Woekel

Chief Assessor

Serving Tyngsborough since 2011.

Evanne Scott

Evanne Scott

Assistant Assessor

Serving Tyngsborough since 2021.

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax:

Assessment – An excise is assessed on a motor vehicle or trailer by the assessors of the municipality in which the vehicle is customarily garaged.  The excise is based on information furnished on the application for registration with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Any corrections to the excise tax must be made with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Abatements of Motor Vehicle Excise Tax may be granted when:

  • The vehicle is sold and the registration is cancelled or transferred to another vehicle
  • The vehicle is transferred to another state with proof of registration in such other state and proof of cancellation of plate in Massachusetts
  • When the vehicle is overvalued
  • When there is a subsequent registration of the same vehicle in the same year by the same person
  • When the vehicle is totaled, repossessed or stolen with proper proof of vehicles’ disposition along with proof of plate cancellation or transfer

Assessors Documents

Assessor Resources:

Board of Assessors Minutes