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Waste Wise

A recycling and waste reduction resource.

What is Waste Wise and Recycling IQ?

The Town of Tyngsborough was awarded the RecyclingIQ grant from Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. This grant funds education efforts that will be coordinated by the Sustainability Committee and the Board of Health to help residents understand what can and cannot be recycled in our curbside program. The goal is to lower our recycling contamination rate.

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Why Recycle?


Tyngsborough's Contamination Rate


Program FAQs


A tag will be left on the cart handle of contaminated carts and the cart will be rejected by Republic Services. This tag will include information about what types of contamination were found. Once the issue has been corrected, the cart will be collected during the following pick up. 

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Additional Resources

You’re Not Alone: we are here to help!

The State of Massachusetts, the Town of Tyngsborough and the Sustainability Committee are all here to help you sort out what can be recycled and what can’t.

Recycle Smart MA

Recycle Smart MA


Sustainability Committee

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Recycle Smart MA


Simple Recycling

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