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Master Plan Implementation Committee

The Town of Tyngsborough has completed its Master Plan in 2021. This comprehensive document has been developed with 3 years of volunteer service of a committee to guide the short and long term growth and development of the community. The Master Plan is viewable online and can be downloaded using the link below.

The document includes goals, objectives, foundational principles, and standards to address important issues such as land use, housing, natural and cultural resource preservation, economic development, recreation, services and facilities, and traffic and infrastructure.

Committee Charge

The role of the Master Plan Implementation Committee is to serve as a facilitator and coordinator of the implementation process and to advocate for the implementation of the plan’s recommendations. In addition, the Committee will assist the Planning Board with any amendments that may be needed to either the Master Plan document or to the Implementation Table over time, as conditions change and unforeseen circumstances arise.

This final section of the Master Plan contains a multiple-page table outlining the specific recommendations contained in each chapter of the document. These recommendations are intended to advance the goals, policies and actions articulated throughout the document. For each specific recommendation, the primary responsibility for implementation is identified. Most often the primary responsibility rests with the Select Board, Town Manager, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Community Preservation Committee, Recreation Commission, or the Historical Commission. It is important to note that many town departments, boards, committees and commissions will play a supportive role in implementing and advancing the recommendations.

The Master Plan’s implementation table provides a suggested timeframe for the implementation of the various recommendations over the next decade. Four timeframes have been considered, based on the priority and urgency of the recommendation, the resources available, and the time required to advance the recommendation. The implementation of some recommendations may be ongoing, while others may be implemented on a short-term (1-3 years), intermediate (4-6 years) or long-term basis (7 years or more).

The Committee membership shall include a representative of the following entities:

  • Planning Board
  • Select Board
  • Conservation Commission
  • Council on Aging
  • Affordable Housing Committee
  • Community Preservation Committee
  • Historical Commission
  • A citizen-at-large


Existing & Completed Planning Documents

Town Buildings Master Plan 2013-14

Master Plan Implementation Committee Meeting Minutes

Master Plan Implementation Committee Members

Member Term Expires
Kimberly O’Brien, Planning Board 2024
Chaz Doughty, Planning Board Alternate 2024
Beatrice Stankard, COA 2024
Beverly Rudeen, COA Alternate 2024
Ronald Keohane, Select Board 2024
Bruce Shofield, Conservation Commission 2024
Marie Lambert, Historical Commission 2024
CPC Representative VACANT 2024
Resident Representative VACANT 2024