First Parish Meetinghouse

About the First Parish Meetinghouse
The First Parish Meeting House is an iconic historic building in the Tyngsborough town center, located at 214 Middlesex Road, directly across the street from the green steel tied-arch Tyngsborough Bridge spanning the Merrimack River. The church originally opened in 1755, later destroyed by a fire in 1834, and rebuilt again in 1836. The congregation became Unitarian sometime in the 1800s. The church steeple holds a Paul Revere Company bell made by Revere’s son.

At the May 2013 Town Meeting, Tyngsborough residents voted to appropriate funds to purchase and renovate the First Parish Meeting House. The purchase price was $289,000 and the remaining funds were reserved for renovations. The exterior renovations are complete and the town is currently in the planning stage of an interior restoration.




First Parish Grounds Design Sub-Committee First Parish Interior Sub-Committee
07-26-2018 Grounds Design Minutes
08-23-2018 Grounds Design Minutes
09-12-2018 Grounds Design Minutes
09-26-2018 Grounds Design Minutes

Project Meeting Notes

March 14, 2019 Meeting Notes

Pictures from the restoration

November 9, 2016