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Seeking Applicants to fill Board of Health Vacancy

Seeking Applicants to fill Board of Health Vacancy

The newly appointed member will serve out the remainder of the year until the next town election to be held in May of 2018. At that point, the newly appointed member has a choice to run in the election or not and if he/she wins the election will serve the remainder of the term of the member who stepped down, expired in 2019. So the term would be one year.

Applicants should able to meet once per month for meetings on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM. Meetings average 2 hours.

Applicants should be available to help throughout the year with volunteering at yearly Hazardous Waste day in the spring and annual Health Fair.

The Board of Health’s goal is to promote and protect public health in Tyngsborough. Their main focus is prevention by routine inspections, investigating complaints, plan reviews, and education. The Board of Health is also responsible for interpreting and enforcing the provisions of the State Public Health Code, State Sanitary Code, State and local Environmental Code.┬áThe Board of Health oversees health policies including:
  • Creating new policy
  • Review of existing policy
  • Holding public hearings on existing policies
  • Review and determination regarding variance requests

Please send a letter of interest to Therese Gay at