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News: Open Space Plan


The Open Space Advisory Group is seeking public review and comment on the 2020 Open Space and Recreation Plan. The plan can be found below. The Advisory Group will accept public comment through February 28, 2020. The Plan will be presented at the Master Planning Committee Meeting on February 12, the Planning Board Meeting on February 20, and the Board of Selectmen Meeting on February 24. Open Space comments or questions can be directed to Danielle Mucciarone by calling 978-649-2300 x 144 or emailing [email protected]. Parks and Recreation comments can be directed to Alison Page at [email protected] or by dialing 978-649-2300 x 150.


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Sherburne Nature Center

46 Coburn Road | Tyngsborough, Massachusetts


The Sherburne Nature Center and  Property located at 46 Coburn Road in Tyngsborough, MA.


It was donated by the Sherburne Family in 1999 in memory of Maxwell and Bernice Sherburne who lived there for years.


This is an 80-acre parcel which consists of a combination of dry uplands, marshy areas, a beaver pond, and a field maintained to support birds and wildlife.


The building is the hub for all nature exhibits in town and serves as a learning center to the public.

Tyngsborough Wildlife around the Sherburne Nature Center

The Sherburne Nature Center and surrounding trail system is an outstanding educational resource serving the public at large as well as being home to many wildlife species. The trail system follows a path along a fantastic example of a northeastern deciduous forest environment and consists of many specific types of habitats.

The “Wild Meadow” habitat is home to a bounty of wildlife from countless plants and insect species to insectivorous birds taking advantage of the viable food sources.  In the Spring and Early Summer the Woodcock can be heard calling its short buzzy “pent” at dusk. Milkweed plants as well as Thistle, Dogwood and Canadian Goldenrod can be found in abundance.  Some species that are more rare and difficult to spot are Wild Cranberry and the incredible carnivorous Pitcher Plants usually associated with a wild bog.

“Vernal Pools” which are temporary bodies of water swell up in the spring allowing species like Spotted Salamander, Toads and Wood Frogs to lay their eggs.

The beaver pond creates an amazing example of a “Wetland Area” habitat and is home to many aquatic species like fish and the amphibious frogs.  Reptiles like the Eastern Painted Turtle known locally as the “Sun Turtle” can be seen basking on logs and occasional Snapping Turtles and Northern Water Snakes can be spotted on the pond’s shallow banks.  Some mammals that can be seen here are the Muskrat (also called the Water Hare)  as well as the massive Beaver species which currently occupy the large beaver lodge located at the pond. Mink have been spotted along the brook feeding into the beaver pond.

The “Deciduous Forest” habitat consists of many species of trees including both hardwood and softwood with patches of conifer like the Eastern Hemlock can be found here.  Futher back along the trails there are several Old Growth trees including examples of White Pine, Beech and Cherry.  Deer and our Eastern Coyote (Coywolf) call the forest home as well as Foxes.  Owls like the Screech and Barred Owl haunt the forest at night and Turkey often march through the forest and meadow during the day. Flying Squirrels make their homes in the cavities of trees and Fishers can be seen patrolling the area.

The Sherburne Nature Center allows for families to explore Mother Nature in all her amazing glory and is open all year from dawn to dusk.

Open Space Plan Documents

Open Space Plan Documents

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