Please think before you toss items into the trash since Tyngsborough must pay by the ton to dispose of trash whereas recyclable materials are collected on a flat fee basis.

Tyngsborough has a contract with Republic Service  to collect residential trash once a week on Monday. Recycling is collected every other week on Monday. For information on your pick-up, refer to the Recycling Calendar or contact the Board of Health at 978-649-2300 x118.

Holidays: No collection on holidays. When a holiday occurs, the collection will be a day delayed and pick up will be on Tuesday.

Holidays include: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, patriots Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Day. Please refer to the calendar to see if the holiday falls on a Monday.

  • Please follow these rules:
      1. Please  ensure that your trash toter cart is fully accessible for pick up. Please move vehicle or relocate the cart for easy pick up.
      2. Please place your cart at least 3 feet from obstructions such as mailboxes and recycle bins. Keep the cart clear of overhead wires and low hanging branches.
      3. Please place all trash inside the cart, all the way. Lid must be fully closed with nothing hanging out.
      4. Overflow waste placed on the ground will not be picked up, unless the overflow waste is bagged with approved sticker.
      5. Bulky items will not be picked up without an approved bulky sticker. Bulky items are collected by appointments only – Call Republic Service at 978-649-7564 and press 2 for customer service.
      6. Stickers for bulky items and excess trash bags can be purchased at Board of Health, located in the Town Offices building, 25 Bryants Lane (978-649-2300 x 118).
      7. Please place your cart curbside no later than 6:30 AM.
      8. Please do not put any of the following items in the trash cart: Hazardous Waste, Recyclables, Furniture, Construction/ Demolition Debris, Yard Waste, Auto Parts, Asbestos, TVs/CRT, Mercury Containing Products (Fluorescent Bulbs, Thermometers, etc.), Propane Tanks, or Sharps.
      1. Please place your blue recycling cart at curbside by 6:30 AM on your collection day. Recycling is collected every other week. Please see our Recycling Calendar to determine which week your recycling will be picked up (mailed to all households annually or can be downloaded at
      2. Keep recycling cart at least 4 feet from the trash cart..
      3. Please remove packing materials, liners, and plastic wrappings from cardboard boxes.
      4. Curbside recycling is single stream. This means that any accepted recyclables can be placed in the blue 96-gallon recycling cart, there is no need to have separate bins for paper/cardboard and plastic/glass/metal.
    • FAQS regarding your new 96-gallon recycling cart:

Q   Where should I place this cart on recycling day?

A   Please place the cart at least 4 feet away from your trash cart, your mailbox, and/or any trees. Ideally, place your recycling cart on one side of your driveway and your trash cart on the other.

Q   Does this change the day or frequency my recycling will get picked up?

A   Recycling will continue to be picked up every other week according to the calendar mailed to you in July annually and always available at

Q   Will all of my recyclables fit into this new cart?

A   This cart has a 96 gallon capacity so they should! If you have a lot of recyclables and think you might run out of space in your recycling cart, it would be a good idea to flatten plastic jugs and bottles, aluminum cans, cartons, and boxes before placing them in this container.

Q   Can I still recycle the same materials as before?

A   Yes, the same materials can be recycled.  Notice that the top of your cart’s lid has important information about what can and can’t be placed in this recycling cart.

Q   What if I have a large amount of cardboard and/or large pieces of cardboard?

A   You can bring cardboard to one of two containers in town: at the Highway Department (Kendall Road) or at the Middle School parking lot (Norris Road). Cardboard must be flattened so you can slide them into the slot in the front of the container.

Q   Does my recycling cart have to be completely closed like my trash cart has to be?

A   Recycling carts should be closed so that you can prevent spillage but Republic WILL collect and empty recycling carts that are not completely closed. Be sure nothing is on top of the closed cart lid.

Q   What if I just can’t fit all of my recycling into this new cart?

A   If, after using this cart for a few weeks, you find you consistently run out of room and believe you need a second cart for your recycling, the Town has made arrangements for you to purchase this second cart for $60. This a one-time cost.  You can call the Board of Health (978-649-2300 x 118) to purchase a 2nd recycling cart.

        • We suggest that you first make an effort to get into the habit of flattening or crushing your recyclables so that they all fit easily into your new large cart.  Fitting your recyclables into this new cart will benefit both parties; the Town will not have to pay extra collection fees for additional carts ($50 per year after the first extra 100 carts) and you will save the $60 purchase price.
        • If you do purchase a 2nd cart and find that you don’t require it, the Town will make arrangements to refund you the purchase price if you return the cart in clean and good condition.


The following items are prohibited from the trash by Massachusetts state law:

  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Computer monitors
  • Office mail & paper
  • Auto parts & machinery
  • Plastic jugs & bottles
  • Televisions
  • Brush, grass clippings, leaves
  • Aluminum or other metal cans
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Hazardous waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Cardboard