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Phase I Sewer West Update: Project Complete (May 2018)

The Phase I West Sewer line is fully functional. At this time, the parcel owners that wish to tie in may begin submitting applications to connect. All parcel owners will be receiving a letter from the Sewer Department with full instructions on connecting to the sewer system. The Phase I West sewer line will service 145 parcels under its Intermunicipal Agreement via Chelmsford to Lowell Regional Wastewater Utility. The sewer system consists of 16,500 linear feet of sewer pipe and two new and one upgraded pump station. Sewer infrastructure was installed along Middlesex Road from the Applewood Plaza through the Town Center to just north of Tyng Road, portions of Old Tyng Road, Westford Road to Potash Hill, and Kendall Road to just before Flint Road including Flint Road and Upton Drive.

Visit the Sewer Department’s web page for more information.