News Updates

New Website Preview:

We are happy to share the Town’s new development website at This site represents several months of hard work and collaboration to create an entirely fresh website on a new, modern and responsive framework. While there are several key pieces still under development and some links may still point to the old website, we’d love to get your feedback on new site. At the bottom of every page, there is a link in the footer to a Site Feedback form. Please be as specific you can with your comments, and include the page name you’re referencing, if applicable. You only need leave your name/email address should you wish to be contacted.

Once this website is ready for its final release, this demonstration website will replace the current site (but the URL will always stay the same:

We are also always looking for volunteers to go through more rigorous testing on the website. If you are interested, please reach out on the Site Feedback form.

Here is the site:

Additional information/disclaimer from the Site Information page:

Please note that this is a preview version of the website. The Town’s goal is to allow people to familiarize themselves with the style and navigation of the site so visitors can leave meaningful feedback to help guide us to completion over the next several weeks.

Helpful Feedback

  • Could you find what you were looking for?
  • Is the website organized in a logical fashion? Could that organization be improved?
  • Is the information clear?
  • Are the pages designed in such a way that the fonts are legible?
  • If you are using accessibility software like screen readers (text-to-speech), are you encountering any elements that are problematic.

Known Limitations

  • Not all links work at this time, especially on Department pages.
  • Not all pages are fully realized according to plans. Examples includes sub-sites like the Economic Development and Open Space and Recreation pages.
  • Pages have not been fully optimized for mobile devices. This will be complete in 2019, but at this time, certain page elements may not adjust accordingly on phones and tablets.
  • Further accessibility work needs to be done (contract checks, font sizes and image descriptions)
  • HTTPS is coming with the live site as the certificate is only good for the primary domain.