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Frost Road Park Regulations

REVISED: September 10, 2012

APPROVED: May 23, 2011

The Board’s mission is to provide a safe, fun, affordable, and well-maintained Park.

The Town’s Board of Selectmen (the “Board”) hereby adopts the following regulations concerning the use of the Frost Road Park (the “Park”).

The following regulations shall be observed by all users of the Park:

1. Dates and Hours Open for Use:

a. April 1st to November 1st from dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted.

2. General Regulations:

a.Vehicles exiting the Park and the parking areas shall yield to incoming traffic.

b.Litter and rubbish, excluding hazardous waste, shall be deposited only in the trash containers placed for such purposes.

c. Any animal in the Park waterfront area shall be kept on a proper leash.  Animal feces shall be removed and properly disposed of by the animal handler.  All animals are prohibited in the playground area.

d. The playground area is limited to use by children under the age of twelve (12) who shall be monitored by an adult during use of the playground area and the play equipment.

e. All children under the age of fourteen (14) shall be monitored by an adult while using the waterfront area.

f. There shall be one adult supervisor for up to six (6) children under the age of fourteen (14), and one parent supervisor for up to twelve (12) of the parent’s own children under the age of fourteen (14).

g. Use of the horseshoe pits are on a first come basis.  If other persons are waiting to use the horseshoe pits, the time limit for use of a horseshoe pit is one (1) hour.

h. The Town is not responsible for injuries, death, or personal property damage during use of the Park.

3. Prohibited Activities:

a. Loitering in the parking area.

b. The sale or promotion of any product or service for private profit or gain.

c. Fundraising activities not approved by the Board.

d. Destroying, misusing or abusing Park property, injuring trees, lawns, shrubs, or plants, cutting or removing any tree or timber for firewood or other use, misusing the Park playground, waterfront, or any other areas in the Park.

e. Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or controlled substances.

f. Building of campfires or any other kind of fire except fire in grilles in the designated areas.

g. Littering of any kind.  Throwing or depositing any litter, rubbish, hazardous waste on the grounds, playground, or waterfront area.

h. Depositing of household trash in trash containers.

i. Carrying in or use of glass containers of any kind.

j. Use of foul or abusive language.

k. Violating any laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding criminal or non- criminal activity or the Bylaws of the Town.

l. Use of powered watercraft of any kind whatsoever.

m. Parking of boat trailers in the parking lot or on Park property.

n. Swimming to or from a boat to or from the Park.

4. Restricted Activities:

a. Organized sporting or athletic events are allowed only with the approval in writing by the Board or its designee.

b. Fundraising activities are allowed only to support a Town program and with the written approval of the Board.

c. Carry-in, non-motorized watercrafts such as canoes, kayaks, and row boats, are allowed and shall be launched only from the designated area.

d. Parking is restricted to paved, lined designated areas.  Under no circumstances are vehicles to be driven or parked on the grass areas or other areas not designated as parking spaces.

e. Fishing is allowed only in the designated area.

f. Grilling of food is allowed only in designated areas.  Use of grills is at the user’s own risk.  Users are to clean the grill at the end of use and dispose of the coals in the metal containers provided.

The Town reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the Park any person who fails to comply with any regulation.

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen on May 23, 2011.