Employment Contracts

Town of Tyngsborough – Employment Contracts

There are five Town employee bargaining units:  clerical staff, highway employees, mid-managers, superior police officers, and patrol officers/communication specialists.  Additionally, certain Town employees are employed via individual employment contracts.

There are four Public School employee bargaining units:  teachers, custodians, clerical, and paraprofessional.  Additionally, certain Public School employees are employed via individual employment contracts.

Collective bargaining agreements that have expired are carried forward during a negotiation period.  For this reason, some of the posted agreements have expired but the employees covered by those agreements are still employed by the Town.

Town Employment Agreements Public School Employment Agreements
Collective BargainingCollective Bargaining
Clerical / MOA
Highway Staff
Mid-Managers / Agreement / MOAClerical
Superior Officers
Patrol and Communication
Police Superior
Superintendent of Schools
Town Administrator
Business Administrator
Assistant Town AdministratorAssistant Business Administrator
BOS Executive AssistantSecretary to Superintendent
Fire Chief and ExtensionAdministrative Assistant to Superintendent
Chief of PoliceSchool Technology Administrator
Deputy Chief of PoliceSchool Network Manager
Executive Assistant - PoliceSchool Computer Technician
IT DirectorSchool Data Specialist
Library DirectorSchool Athletic Trainer
Media DirectorSchool Facility Maintenance
HR Benefits CoordinatorTHS Principal
Town AccountantTHS Asst. Principal
TMS Asst. Principal
Non-Union (Personnel By-Law)TES Principal
Personnel By-LawTES Asst. Principal
Fire Chief (Salary)(Salary & Information)TES Asst. Principal Preschool-Grade 2
Full Time & On-Call Firefighters
(Salary & Information)
>Special Education Facilitators

Please note that collective bargaining agreements are often a compilation of many years of contract extensions and amendments. While in some of the instances above, an integrated single document is presented, in others the actual legal document is a signed memorandum of understanding or agreement.