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Phase 2 Sewer Project

Phase 2 Sewer Project

The Phase 2 Sewer Project was approved at Annual Town Meeting on May 15, 2018. The Phase 2 Sewer Project will bring municipal sewer to approximately 64 parcels concentrated in the Town’s largest expanse of commercial/industrial zoned area along northern Middlesex Road to the New Hampshire border.  The Project includes approximately 5,400 linear feet of new sewer; 3,250 linear feet of new water main, 12,200 linear feet of new force main, 2 wastewater pumping stations, and a force main crossing of the Tyngsborough Bridge (south side of sidewalk), within portions of Northern Middlesex Road, Sherburne Avenue/ Tyngsborough Bridge, Parker Lane, Curtis Road, Curtis Hill Road, Lawndale Road, Park Road, Coburn Road, and Maplewood Avenue. The Water Main portion of the Project will construct approximately 2,800 linear feet of water main to connect the existing two dead end mains, which will bring municipal water to all parcels in the Project area. This provides not only water quality, but ensures adequate fire protection to all parcels in this geographic area of Town.  In addition to the Town’s sewer contribution approved at 2018 Town Meeting, the Town applied for and received a $2.5M MassWorks Grant to defer both water and sewer capital costs to the Project parcels. Construction of the water and sewer within the same Project timeline is planned to minimize impacts to the Project area, as well as to avoid the 5-year road opening moratorium that would significantly defer the water construction if not done together.

The Tyngsborough Phase 2 Sewer Project is partially financed ($13.1M) through the Massachusetts State Revolving Fund (SRF), administered by MassDEP, with joint funding support from the US EPA and Massachusetts Clean Water Trust. The installation of new gravity sewer, force main and pumping stations as part of this project will provide water quality benefits for the community by providing a municipal sewer system for residents and commercial businesses.

Construction is expected start Summer 2019 and continue through Fall 2020. Woodard & Curran is the Engineer and Albanese D&S, Inc. is the Contractor.

Update (July 2019)

The Town of Tyngsborough is entering the construction phase of the Phase 2 Sewer project. Please be advised that the construction is scheduled to begin in July 2019. Albanese D&S Inc. of Dracut, MA is Tyngsborough’s contractor for the project. In accordance with the project specs, the contractor is offering pre-construction surveys to property owners within 500 feet of the work area. If your property falls within this area, you will be receiving a Pre-Blast Survey Notice shortly.


Phase 2 Project Maps

Phase 2 Water Project Area Map

Phase 2 Water Project Area Map

Phase 2 Sewer Project Area Map

Phase 2 Sewer Project Area Map

Sewer Service Information Form

Complete and return the sewer service information form, which was previously available at the April 18, 2018 Neighborhood Meeting. The form can be accessed here:

This form is necessary to allow your sewer service pipe to be installed at the correct location along your property line. You can email the completed form direct to Mike Comer at [email protected]. If you have any questions, or need assistance in filling out the form, please do not hesitate to contact Mike at (603) 714-1345. During construction, the Project Site Representative, Mike, may request access to your home to help locate your existing sewer line / septic pipe. His photo is displayed below for safety reasons. We do not recommend letting anyone into your home unless you’ve verified who they are.


For on-site issues regarding construction of the proposed Phase 2 Sewer Project, please contact Mike Comer, Project Site Representative at (603) 714-1345.

For general questions regarding the proposed Phase 2 Sewer Project, please contact Kathy Cayer, Sewer Administrator at (978) 743-5354.

Mike Comer

Mike Comer, Project Site Representative