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Lake Masscupic

Recreation Committee

Member Name Expiration
Laura Barton 2019
Michael J. Knight 2020
Heather McGaffigan 2020
Theresa Clawson 2018
Phil Culver 2018
Molly Culver 2018
Wendy Wood 2018
Steve Fugazzato 2018
Chris Lenzi 2019
Dennis Stewart 2020
Mary Mt. Pleasant 2020
Scott Ellis 2018
Carol Chisolm 2018
Stephen Kirby 2018


The Office of Recreation and Parks


Alison Page, Recreation Director
[email protected]
Phone: (978) 649-2300 x150
Fax: (978) 649-2301

Office Hours:

Monday & Wednesday: 8 AM – 4  PM

Thursday:  By appointment

Fridays: 8 AM to  12:30 PM

About The Office of Recreation and Parks

For information regarding specific programs, registration, information, and how to contact program coordinators, please go to: Tyngsborough Recreation and Parks.

For the Rules and Regulations regarding the Town Beach, Lake Mascuppic, and Maplewood Avenue, please click here (updated March, 2016).

For trail maps, visit the Trails website or look on the Conservation page for maps like this one that includes the area around the Sherburne Nature Center.

For a list of Open Space and Recreation opportunities in town, click here.


Want to join the Committee?
Send letters of interest to: [email protected]


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