Master Plan Committee

The Town of Tyngsborough will be updating its Master Plan in 2018-2019. This comprehensive document will be developed with the volunteer service of a committee that will use community and department input to identify goals, objectives, foundational principles, and standards to guide the short and long term growth and development of our community. The Master Plan will address important issues such as land use, housing, natural and cultural resource preservation, economic development, recreation, services and facilities, and traffic and infrastructure.

Save the Date: First of Four Master Plan Visioning Sessions

Come learn about the Master Plan development process and share your thoughts and preferences for the Town of Tyngsborough. Topics include Land Use, Infrastructure, Environmental Protection, Open Space, Transportation, Housing, and Economic Development Policies. Second of Four Master Plan Visioning Sessions: Come participate in a Master Plan development interactive session! Share your thoughts and preferences about Land Use, Housing, and Economic Development in Tyngsborough.

Wednesday, March 13th / 7-9PM
Old Town Hall, 10 Kendall Road
[light refreshments will be served]

Results from the first session


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