The Tyngsborough Health Department/Board of Health

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Kerri Oun, Health Agent | 978-649-2300 x118 | [email protected]

Donna McPartlan, Administrative Assistant | 978-649-2300 x117 | [email protected]

Email for Board of Health staff: [email protected]

Additional Hours for Purchasing Stickers: Stickers are also available at the Tyngsborough Public Library (extra bag stickers only) and the Selectmen’s Office (bulky stickers and extra bag stickers) during during normal business hours, at times when the Health Office is not available/open.

Prices and the Bulky Item Sticker list are available here.

About the Tyngsborough Board of Health

The mission of the Board of Health is to promote and protect public health in Tyngsborough. Our main focus is through prevention by routine inspections, investigating complaints, plan reviews, and education. The Board of Health is also responsible for interpreting and enforcing the provisions of the State Public Health Code, State Sanitary Code, State and local Environmental Code.

The Tyngsborough Board of Health
Name Term Expires
Sheila Perrault, Chair 2020
Bernadette Harper, Vice Chair 2021
Carolyn Rae Ryan 2020
Michelle Riley 2022
Michael-Ryan Roche 2021



Board of Health online payments can be made here: Board of Health Online Payments


  1. Enforce Title 5; State Sanitary Code (Septic System Regulations) as well as involvement with all new septic systems, failures and repairs.
  2. Inspect food establishments, ice rinks, camps, pools, beaches, housing.  Enforce tobacco, massage, and body art regulations.
  3. Issue beaver trap permits.
  4. Maintain records of communicable disease.
  5. Issue permits for drinking water wells as well as monitoring the safety of drinking water.
  6. Coordinate availability and disbursement of vaccines.
  7. Manage the trash and recycling contract.
  8. Issue burial permit and other permits related to health.

Trash & Recycling Information


Simple Recycling

The Town of Tyngsborough has entered into an agreement with Simple Recycling, a textile recycling company. This free supplemental service will not replace or change your existing Recycling agreement.  Free pink Simple Recycling bags will be distributed to your home, and simply place full bags curbside next to your recycling bin. Items that can be collected include:

Men’s Clothing Women’s Clothing Children’s Clothing Coats and Jackets Jewelry Shoes
Purses Hats Toys Blankets Drapes/Curtains Pillows
Sleeping Bags Tools Silverware Dishes Pots/Pans Backpacks

Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Simple Recycling directly at 866-835-5068 or by email at [email protected].

Septic Systems and Title 5:

Financial Information for Septic Systems

Private Wells:

Lead and Copper in Water

It is important to reduce lead exposures as much as possible – particularly for young children, pregnant women, and infants – because there is no safe level of lead exposure. Copper is an essential nutrient; however, exposure to high levels can harm health.

​For more info and fact sheets ​in different languages​, visit DPH’s website at:

Food Protection:

Food Allergens Regulations (Please visit for more information):

Emergency Preparedness:



With every submitted permit, please enclose Workers’ Compensation Insurance information.

Additional By-Laws & Regulations

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