Street Acceptance Program

Beginning on December 9, 2013 the Board of Selectmen voted to fund the engineering review/plan development for the below streets. Many of these streets required small amounts of funding for engineering review and are being funded by Article 10 of the October 16, 2012 Special Town Meeting and Article 1 of the May 16, 2013 Special Town Meeting. The streets will be proposed for acceptance at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting (May 20, 2014).

  • Clover Hill Circle
  • Colorado Drive
  • Ducharme Lane
  • Helena Drive
  • Hillcrest Drive
  • Idaho Drive
  • Joco Drive
  • Katy Lane
  • Ohio Road
  • Old Kendall Road¹
  • Patriot Road
  • Texas Lane
  • Tower Road

¹Has to be delayed to the next Town Meeting as engineering review/plan development has been held up due to unforeseen snowfall levels in the winter of 2013/2014.

The following two streets are no longer tied to bond money and will be proposed for street acceptance at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting as well:

  • Anderson Drive (Stonebridge Estates, Phase 2B, Station 25+00 to 16+00
  • Vista Way


Streets that have bond money tied to them (unless otherwise noted) which may be able to be brought forward for street acceptance at a future Town Meeting if we are able to resolve the bond money in advance:

  • Anderson Drive (Stonebridge Estates, Phase 1)
  • Anderson Drive (Stonebridge Estates, Phase 2A, 35+00 to 25+00)
  • Appollo Drive
  • Applaoosa Circle
  • Arabian Way
  • Bessie Lane
  • Buck Hill Road
  • Cedar Lane
  • Cypress Lane
  • Fieldstone Circle
  • Heather Way
  • Hemlock Lane
  • Highland Street
  • Jaques Road
  • Morgan Way
  • Mustang Road
  • Nandina Drive
  • Old Kendall Road (Proposed acceptance delayed as noted above. The street does not have bond money tied to it).
  • Palomino Drive
  • Richards Circle
  • Sequoia Drive
  • Shetland Circle
  • Whitetail Avenue²

²Sub-development is currently ongoing and acceptance of the street is anticipated to be brought forth by the developer.


Streets for which generally predate the Subdivision Control Law, for which engineering plans are not available and require funding for the development of plans. The estimated cost to prepare engineering plans for the following street totals approximately $170,000.

  • Balcom Avenue
  • Beech Street
  • Louis Avenue
  • Lover’s Lane
  • Hamblett Avenue
  • Malvern Avenue
  • Mascuppic Trail (2 sections)
  • Mission Road
  • Mount Rock Avenue
  • Parker Lane
  • Phalanx Street
  • Pine Avenue
  • Poinsetta Avenue
  • Poplar Avenue
  • River Road
  • River Bend Road
  • Snay Circle
  • Spruce Avenue
  • Utardo Road
  • Woodfern Avenue
  • Woodside Road

Please note that filing plans (street layouts) with the Registry of Deeds is an important part of the street acceptance process.

Please contact Matt Hanson, Town Administrator, at 978-649-2314 with questions.