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Winslow School Alumni

Opening statement applicable to all Winslow Graduating Classes:

The name of Winslow and the Tyngsborough School system dates back to the founding days of the Town of Tyngsborough. Tyngsborough was original part of the Dunstable Township and in 1789 the town of Dunstable had grown to a point that an additional school and minister were needed. Sarah Winslow offered a cash donation for the betterment of the schools; with a condition that the new school was to be created in an area which was near the river and where the First Parish Church Unitarian is located today. When the town officially separated from Dunstable this new area was established as the center of Tyngsborough.

In 1892 the town voted to establish a new center of learning and the new Winslow school was established in the location on the hill where it stands today. In 1915 this school was remodeled to meet the needs of the additional class rooms. In 1948 a wing was added to the school which took care of the towns needs until 1957 when the new Lakeview School was opened.

The Town of Tyngsborough is split in two by the Merrimack River and the significance of the Winslow school was that all students from entire town of Tyngsborough attended that single school; thereby becoming a unifying symbol to many of the towns resident as they grew older. Tyngsborough education system only went to the 8th grade and a formal graduation event was held each year. After the 8th grade many students attended Lowell High School and others attended private schools or other public schools of their parents choosing. For those who attended Lowell HS, we were viewed as students from the “Frontier”. Student entering Lowell HS viewed it as travelling to “the big city” which was in stark contrast to the town we travelled from. There ties to each other again grew on the long bus rides to and from Lowell HS but at the same time many lost connection to students on other buses or to students who attended other school systems. To many our only tie to past friendships was the last 2 years we spent at the Winslow School and for this reason we feel that an Winslow Alumni page is important.

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