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Class of 1963

Class of 1963 Opening Statement

Dear fellow students of the graduating class of 1963:

The purpose of this Alumni Page is to renew and remember the ties that held us together in the early years of our life.  The page is set up based on the 1963 graduation year; however the student list contains the names of the students that attended the Winslow and Lakeview Schools, in our class, during the years of 1955-1963.   Many of the students started in 1955, others entered or left during that period and then there are our graduates of 1963.

If you have any questions on any of the data listed below, please contact:

Below is a listing of the Students, sorted by last name, who attended between 1955 and 1963.

Last Name First Name
Ames Carolyn
Barker Thomas
Bell Alan
Bergeron Richard
Bergeron Theresa
Bibeault A. Ronald
Bloomgren Brenda
Britt Robert
Buzzell Debra
Chaput Jeannine
Chevalier Barry
Corkum Roger
Clegg Barbara
Cote Linda
Coursey Michelle
Currier Nancy
D’Ambrois James
Dean Gary
DeCarteret Richard
DeJesus John (Choc)
Delisle Richard
Desilets Barbara
Dodge Elmer
Doucette Marion
Doucette Kathy
Dunstan Linda
Dupras Ernie
Eacrett William (Billy)
Flanders Joyce
Frizzell Arthur
Gariepy Carol
Gaudette Thaddy (Ted)
Gauthier Phyllis
Gelinas Donna
Gervais Sharon
Gonzales Anthony
Goodwyn Richard
Grout Paulette
Hall Edith
Hamel Victor
Hamel Victoria
Hatfield Carl
Hodges Pamela
Howarth Melvin
Hughes John
Hunter Linda
Jankowski Donna
Jordon Joseph
Kelly John (Jack)
Kiloski Mike
Kisley Tony
Knisley Marybeth
Langlois Beverly
Lannon William (Billy)
Lausier Lucille
Lausier Thaddee (Ted)
LeClair Janet
Lenoard David
Lindvall Arthur (Ned)
Linscott Tom
Look William
Masse Edward
Mercier Wilfred
Mil’homme Janet
Mizo Linda
Morency Cheryl
Morton Charles
Pare Edward
Pare John
Ploude Kathy
Price David
Prude’homme Nancy
Pyle Rebecca
Quintin Jon
Roberts James
Ross Greg
Shawcross Glennon
Skelton Patty
Stevens Joyce
Urban Susan
Verville Richard
Vincent Judy
White Robert
Whynot Betty Ann
Wilkins Cynthia
Woodsum Karen


Front Row (14) Mid Row (20) Back Row (19)
1 Thomas Barker 1 Jack Kelly 1 Carol Gariepy
2 Patty Skelton 2 William Eacrett 2 Phyllis Gauthier
3 Arthur Linvall 3 Joyce Stevens 3 Susan Urban
4 Jeanine Chaput 4 Theresa Bergeron 4 Mary Beth Knisley
5 Kathy Plourde 5 David Price 5 Brenda Bloomgren
6 Victor Hamel 6 Betty Ann Whynot 6 Carl Hatfield
7 Donna Jankowski 7 Linda Hunter 7 Ernie Dupras
8 Sharon Gervais 8 Wilfred Mercier 8 Bob Britt
9 Nancy Currier 9  William Lannan 9 Richard Delsile
10 Beverly Langlois 10 Victoria Hamel 10 Charles Morton
11 John Pare 11 Cheryl Morency 11 Alan Bell
12 Cynthia Wilkins 12 Judy Vincent 12 Ted Gaudette
13 Debby Buzzell 13 Barry Chevalier 13 Jon Quintin
14 Becky Pyle 14 Gregory Ross 14 William Look
15 Linda Cote 15 Joyce Flanders
  16 Nancy Prudhomme 16 Michelle Coursey
17 Eddie Masse 17 Edith Hall
18 Janet Milhomme 18 Donna Gelinas
19 Barbara Clegg 19 Glennon  Shawcross
20 John DeJesus

Not in Photo: Roger Corkum, Mike Kiloski, Lucille Lausier, and Arthur Frizzell.

Teachers – 1955 to 1963  
1st Grade  
Mrs. Dorothy C.  Sullivan Winslow
Mrs. Pulaski Winslow
2nd Grade  
Miss Annie M. Wylie Winslow and Lakeview
Mrs. McGuire Winslow
3rd Grade  
Miss Catherine Sampson Lakeview
Mrs. Giles for part of the year Winslow
Mrs. Helene Riley balance of year Winslow
4th Grade   
Mrs. Margaret Wihry Lakeview
Mrs. Allan Winslow
5th Grade  
Miss Dorothy Harris Lakeview
Mrs. Ames Winslow
6th Grade  
Mrs. M. C.  Morton Lakeview
Mrs. Holmes Winslow
Miss Sweeney Winslow
Mrs. Wilcox Lakeview
7th Grade Winslow  
Mrs. Dwyer (English)
Miss Gedarian ( Literature)
Mr. Georges  (Science)
Miss Norris (History)
Mrs. Tarrant (Math)
Mrs. Currier (Art, Penmanship also Girl Scout leader)
Mrs. Legget (Music)
8th Grade Winslow  
Mr. Timmins (Science)
Mr. Forsley ( History)
Mrs. Garwood (Math)
Miss McHugh (English)
Special Needs
Mr. Bartis’s
Mr. Starkey – Winslow School early years
Mr. Moses Brown – during 7 & 8  grade
Mr. Diggle


Bus Drivers associated with students 1955-1963
Earl Connell  – Scribner Hill Area
Sheldon Flanders – Davis St
Roger Lemire – Lakeview Ave
Gilbert (Gilly) Dupras – Dunstable Road
Boyd Dupras – Dunstable Road
Ray (Bucky) Norton – Farwell Road
Ken Lamb – Frost Road
Carl Ford – Flint Road
Charles Debabian