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Stormwater Information


In 2018, the EPA issued the 2016 NPDES MS4 General Permit. The Town of Tyngsborough filed a Notice of Intent and received authorization under a General Permit to discharge stormwater. Under this permit, the Town will be required to meet six minimum control measures. Therefore, over the permit term, the Town will be implementing new policies, procedures, and educational messages as it relates to stormwater. 

Public Participation

In an effort to keep the public proactive with the Town’s initiative of reducing stormwater pollution, the Town encourages the public to review and provide any feedback of the Town’s Stormwater Management Program. Please submit any feedback or comments to [email protected]gov.

Forthcoming Materials

The following documents will be created and implemented over the next few years:
  • Written IDDE Program – 2019
  • Waste Control Requirements – 2020
  • Post Construction Bylaw – 2020