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Business/Economic Resources

Doing Business in Tyngsborough?
If you are planning to locate your business in Tyngsborough, for your convenience, we have provided the following resources.


Department/DivisionWhat You Should Know
Office of the Town ClerkFile a Certificate of Business to ascertain what license(s) your business requires from the Licensing Board
Planning Board
  • Obtain a copy of the Tyngsborough Zoning Ordinance and read the sections applicable to your business - Rules of Practice and Procedure

  • The Planning Department will assist you with interpretations and review your plan with the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine compliance
BuildingTo determine what building permits are needed you should: * Obtain Building Permit * File an application for a Sign Permit * Learn what permits and/or inspections are necessary to satisfy plumbing, wiring, and fire safety codes - Building Permit Checklist * Massachusetts Department of Public Safety
HealthDetermine what Health Permits may be necessary for your particular business.
Sewer CommissionDetermine what Sewer Regulations you must comply with.
Complete a Business Listing Questionnaire, and receive any other information you may need concerning traffic, parking, security, Occupancy etc
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce * Learn about the Chamber of Commerce and how we can help introduce you to the business community and your potential clients / patrons * Starting a Business in Greater Lowell - Business Guide

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Business Time During Board of Selectmen Meetings:

Businesses & business owners are welcome to meet with the Board of Selectmen during Citizen’s/Business Time portion of the meeting for comments, questions or discussions.

Please contact the Town Administrator at (978) 649-2300 x100 to make an appointment.